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'Acoustically transparent' hoodie means DJs don't have to take it off to wear headphones

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The Audio Engineer's Hoodie includes a hood made of material that allows headphone sound through unmuffled.

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Fashion and music aren’t unfamiliar bedfellows — in fact, the two are often seen hand in hand, which is why we’ve seen innovations such as the Cynaps bone conduction baseball cap which negates the need for wearing bulky headphones. However, even headphones have become a fashion statement thanks to one Dr Dre. For those who don’t want to be forced to decide whether to wear their headphones or their hood up, the Audio Engineer’s Hoodie includes a hood made of material that allows sound through unmuffled.

Created by Betabrand, the hoodie has been created spefically for DJs and audio engineers that want to remain inconspicuous in the mixing booth while also being able to hear the sound clearly. Available in dark grey, the hoodie features two panels on either side of the hood that are made from meshed speaker cloth. This makes the clothing “acoustically transparent”, and even with the hood up, sound from headphones placed over the top can still travel through. The front pocket also includes a tool clip so wearers can keep their equipment handy, and an internal seam keeps headphone cables tangle-free. Additionally, a cable wiring diagram is stitched onto the inside pocket in case an urgent fix is needed.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Audio Engineer’s Hoodie.

Betabrand is currently accepting pre-orders for the product for USD 142.20. Are there other clothing items that can be tailored for specific jobs, or even today’s niche fashion trends?



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