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Adverts on luggage pay customer baggage fees

Travel & Tourism

Orion lets travelers avoid handling fees by turning their baggage into billboards.

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We have seen everything from automated umbrella kiosks to smartphone cleaners and EV charging stations offer innovative advertising spaces. US-based Orion is now even tapping into travelers’ luggage, by offering them the chance to bypass checked-in baggage fees.

Launching next year, Orion will roll out sponsored hardshell suitcases — “mobile luggage billboards” — that will pay for the cost of baggage handling. When the program is fully running, users will pay an annual subscription fee, buy suitcases subsidized by the sponsors, and then receive gift cards that cover the baggage checking costs of up to 6 journeys per year. Users are given a choice of skins with which to cover one side of their suitcases (ranging from film franchises to presidential campaign hopefuls), offering a level of baggage personalization. Sponsor advertising then appears on the reverse. Orion claims that through baggage advertising, brands will benefit from billions of weekly views worldwide. Orion are planning a number of add-on services after launch, including smart luggage that alerts users if their baggage is tampered with and travel club-style user benefits.

Orion is tackling a source of consumer frustration using corporate sponsorship. Could businesses partner with consumers to subsidize other services?



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