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Age-adjustable kids' bike is made from 100% recycled carpet

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Wishbone Design Studio's Recycled Edition bike is made entirely of recycled carpet and is designed to be adjusted when kids outgrow it.

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Waste is typically built into the products we create — most items are made of new materials and are designed to end up in landfill when they’ve been used — but we are already seeing attempts to make items last longer or use fewer resources. Spain’s Orbea Grow bike range already lets parents avoid having to upgrade their child’s model when they outgrow it by making it easy to adjust to different size riders. Now Wishbone Design Studio has created a similar bike that’s made entirely of recycled carpet.

Designed with the cradle-to-cradle philosophy in mind, the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition is suitable for kids aged between 12 months up to 6 years. It can be set up as one of three modes — a three-wheel pushbike without pedals for younger kids, a two-wheel balance bike for toddlers, and a larger-frame balance bike for young kids. For more adventurous kids, there’s also the option to add pedals and gears so they can start learning to ride a bike early. The entire frame is made of carpet material that’s been pre-owned and salvaged. The recycling process adds glass fiber to the mix that strengthens the plastic and makes it suitable for molding into a frame.

The Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition is priced at USD 199 and can be customized with a range of stickers. By building the bike out of sustainable materials and enabling parents to adjust it as their kid grows, the company has created a product that lasts a lot longer and helps avoid more waste going to landfill. What other products can be redesigned in this way?



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