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AI app enhances appearance for live-streaming

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A Chinese AI unicorn launched a new AI app that can touch up appearance in live-streamed videos.

According to a study in Time magazine, four of the top 10 “selfiest” cities are in Asia. Now, selfie and video takers who are worried about looking their best have a new app to help. Chinese AI unicorn SenseTime has has developed a filter for smartphone cameras and live-streaming apps that can automatically touch up photos and video feeds. The filter uses AI to identify the different parts of a user’s face and body in a photo. The algorithm then touches up the image to enhance the appearance of those body parts.

SenseTime’s new beautifying app includes settings that can adjust the slimness of a user’s face, arms, legs and stomach. There are also options to broaden or slim shoulder width and heighten hips to look curvier. The app joins a number of Chinese beauty apps, such as Meitu Global’s BeautyCam and MakeupPlus that can touch up photos.

According to SenseTime, their app offers significant improvement over existing products on the market that focus on beautifying still pictures. This is because the SenseTime app can also touch up live-streamed feeds. According to Li Xingye, SenseTime vice-president of internet and adverts business, “It’s a convenience feature – for example, imagine you feel like live streaming at 10pm but want to skip putting on make-up just for that.” The company will be seeking to embed the feature into live-streaming apps through partnerships.




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