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AI bot acts as a work coach for hourly workers

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This smart technology seeks to help hourly workers grow in their role and reduce high turnover rates.

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AI has improved the capabilities of robots greatly in recent years. Springwise has seen a rise in intelligent machines, ranging from a social robot to an AI campaign to combat cyberbullying. A US-based collaboration is now taking strides to use AI to improve the workplace.

Kronos has teamed up with IBM to produce a a career coach named AIMEE, standing for Artificial Intelligence for Managers and Employees. IBM’s Watson technology was used as a base to create this AI engine. The technology aims to help hourly workers primarily and will work via their mobile devices. Companies would acquire the technology themselves and also make it available to their employers.

The intelligent technology will learn and adapt to the workers on an individual basis. As it learns more about the workers, it well help them train and grow within their role. This growth should help retain them for longer within the company.  Not only will it help the employees themselves, but it will also report data on employee fatigue, flight risks, and succession planning back to the employer. There is also functionality to help employees maintain a good work-life balance and predict potential conflicts for managers. Many companies have a high turnover rate with hourly workers, and this technology could therefore be a solution to the transient nature of such work.

This is just the beginning of the collaboration between Kronos and IBM in the workplace. The two companies are looking to foster new technological progress through partnerships between Workforce Dimensions by Kronos and IBM Watson Talent.



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