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AI calculates new cost of living before a big move

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Estonian-based Teleport uses AI to rank cities against a user’s preferences to provide recommendations for a potential move, including day-to-day cost of living.

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Available for both iOS and Android devices, Teleport is designed to provide real-time cost of living calculations for more than 250 cities around the world. Started by entrepreneurs in Estonia, the Teleport team embodies remote, flexible working and provides a range of tools to support a digital nomad lifestyle. Teleport Cities matches a user’s preferences (including a variety of options regarding quality of life, career prospects, city infrastructure and business regulations) with the city or cities best suited to meet those requirements.

For a general exploration of a city’s potential, people contemplating a move can browse through an overview that provides a ranking of a range of qualities for each location. The list includes outdoor space and access, tolerance, business freedom, safety, commuting, housing and cost of living and provides the opportunity to delve into the details that create the ranking. For a more detailed assessment of a city’s potential, a user can select from an array of choices in order to receive the algorithm’s recommendations. Teleport also provides an online moving checklist and coordination tools for distributed teams and continues to add to the number of cities ranked and reviewed.

Smart cities are exploring a variety of ways of making life more enjoyable for citizens, from experimenting with moving all traffic below ground to creating open house community hubs for both locals and visitors. How could urban areas work together to create more connected solutions to current pressures on housing and transport?



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