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AI design service can automate a full branding package

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Algorithmic logo-makers Tailor Brands will now generate unlimited branding material for companies via a subscription service.

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Good design and visual branding is no longer the privilege of companies with the money to pay great in-house designers or outsource the work. We have already seen startups thinking outside the box to provide more affordable design services. This platform offers unlimited, small graphic design tasks to other startups through a subscription package, and Tailor Brands uses artificial intelligence to help business automatically generate a logo that fits their company. Now, Tailor is expanding its tools by launching Tailor Brands Studio — an algorithmic, automated service that provides companies with unlimited branding packages on a subscription basis.


Tailor Brands Studio will harness data from the 13.5 million designs created by the company’s algorithms in the past two years and use it to offer automated designs of logos, business cards, printed stationary and social assets. Companies can sign up for the service on a subscription basis for USD 9.99 a month, which gives them unlimited branding material. The company will add merchandise and ad design later this year.

Are there other in-house tasks that can be outsourced to algorithmic databases?



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