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The Triton 2 | Photo source TritonWear

AI-driven wearable helps swimmers improve performance

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Triton 2 uses artificial intelligence to analyse a swimmer's performance and compare it to data from thousands of other swimmers

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Spotted: Canada-based TritonWear has developed a small, lightweight wearable that coaches swimmers while they practice. The Triton 2 includes an AI-powered function that gives coaches and swimmers the intel they need to swim faster, the company says.

The AI-powered coach makes the Triton 2 different from other wearables, according to TritonWear. “Artificial Intelligence analyses you against similar athletes, providing the intel needed to improve,” the company says.

The wearable fits underneath the swimmer’s cap or clips onto goggles. As the swimmer trains, the Triton 2 tracks the workout. It compares the swimmer’s data to that of “thousands” of athletes around the world. The Triton 2 sends automatic reminders about what the swimmer needs to improve – and sends trainers insight to prevent injuries.  

The Triton 2 is currently available for pre-order from the TritonWear website.




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