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AI financial advisor makes 80 year projection

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Pefin is an artificial intelligence financial advisor that monitors over two million data points to provide decisions.

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Being well-informed and able to view things in the longterm can make all the difference when it comes to financial decisions. We have already seen the likes of a tech assistant using big data to help people get the best exchange rates, and now Pefin can help even more. The artificial intelligence platform, which is currently in Beta, is a financial advisor that is significantly cheaper than its human counterparts.


Pefin uses artificial neural networks to constantly monitor over two million data points, and provide data-driven decisions via machine learning. To begin, customers set up an account and connect it to their other financial accounts, creating a financial profile. They then input their long term plans — such as having children, buying property or going on holiday. These can be changed at any time. Pefin then takes into account inflation, taxes, market conditions, government rules, and even changing daycare costs, and creates an 80 year financial projection. Then, whenever anything changes, either within the customer’s personal finances or in the global economy, Pefin updates the profile and projection automatically.


Pefin is free to use during its Beta stage and will cost USD 6 per month for early subscribers, rising to USD 12 after the first year. How else could AI be used to help people plan better for the future?



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