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AI music software composes songs

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New AI music software allows anyone to compose, customize and produce original music content.

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Over the last few years, the use of artificial intelligence has expanded to include a host of everyday uses. These include automating retail stores and detecting heart attacks during emergency calls. Now, Sony’s Flow Machine AI software began generating its first pop songs. The songs include lyrics penned by a human composer, who also arranges the AI-generated segments of music. YouTube star Taryn Southern has collaborated with AI company Amper to create an AI-generated hit single.

To create the music, Southern provided the beats per minute, rhythm, mood, and style. The Amper software used these inputs to compose the music. She wrote and recorded the vocal melodies and lyrics herself. These were then combined with the Amper-produced music to create the final product. Southern described the process as allowing her to spend more time focusing on what she enjoys most, saying, “I get to spend more time doing more of what I love – ‘conducting’ the AI to create a great song, writing lyrics and vocal melodies, and making music videos.”

Amper was developed by composers who previously worked on developing music for films, games, and television shows. It was initially intended as a way to enable those with little knowledge of music to create original, royalty-free background music for projects. The company claims the AI software is learning how to be creative. However, Amper also emphasises that it is not aimed at replacing composers and musicians. Instead, it is a collaborative tool to help both musicians and non-musicians to express their creativity. The program allows users to customise their compositions by changing the tempo or removing certain instruments from the composition. The software is currently in Beta, and is planned to work on either a pay as you go or a subscription basis. How else can AI create and customize creative content?




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