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AI politician | Photo source Pixabay

AI politician helps answer public’s questions in New Zealand


Entrepreneur has launched the world's first virtual politician to act as a representative for all New Zealanders.

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Politicians are infamous for answering questions with a different question, and often not even answering at all. There is one new politician on the block who won’t be able to avoid such queries – virtual offering SAM. Created by entrepreneur Nick Gerritsen in New Zealand, the AI-powered bot was made with the aim to close the gap between what voters want, what politicians promise, and what they actually achieve.

SAM’s goal is to act as a representative for all New Zealanders, and evolves based on voter input. It is directly connected to all New Zealanders through social media, and can be talked to any time, anywhere. SAM analyses everyone’s views, opinions, and the impact of potential decisions, promoting better policy for everyone. SAM’s conversational abilities are still developing, but its progression is assisted with more interactions with different people. The Marlborough entrepreneur wants SAM to run for Prime Minister at the next election in 2020.

Artificial intelligence is integral to many innovations coming to fruition for a plethora of industries, such as the technology being used as part of property management, and its use to detect cancerous growths. With the possibilities seemingly endless for AI, how could you incorporate it into your business model?



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