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AI-powered app helps users find confidence with public speaking

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Startup company Orai hopes its app will teach users techniques that can lead to successful public speaking in different situations.

Philadelphia-based startup Orai has launched its app that strives to educate users about how to be a successful and confident public speaker. Users can record themselves speaking, and the app uses artificial intelligence to analyze the speech clarity, energy and pace, and recognizes filler words such as ‘so,’ ‘basically,’ and ‘like.’ It boosts users’ confidence by using positive reinforcement and encouraging them to keep going. The app also provides easy-to-use tips to help users instantly improve; for example, in order to increase credibility and decrease the use of filler words, the app suggests to speak slower because people tend to use filler words when their brain needs to catch up with their mouth.

Orai tracks a user’s progress and encourages them to make regular recordings, replay old recordings, receive trophies and complete challenges. Currently only available on iOS, the company is also working on technology which will help analyze user’s hand gestures, facial expressions and other non-verbal gestures.

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