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AI recruiter does all the tedious tasks

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A new recruitment chatbot helps each candidate with their job search while streamlining the process for employers.

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Looking for a job is generally time-consuming and stressful. Candidates often hear back from only a handful of recruiters, while employers stress that they aren’t finding the right people. Formerly known as FirstJob, Mya Systems‘s Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot is hoping to improve the process for both employers and jobseekers.

As soon as a candidate applies, Mya gets in touch via instant messaging. If she spots gaps in a resume, she will ask detailed follow-up questions. Candidates then get the chance to better explain how they fit the position. For employers, Mya ranks candidates according to qualifications, prioritizing those who answer the most frequently asked questions about each company. Mya stays in touch with candidates throughout the process. It send alerts about other potentially suitable jobs and when a position has been filled. Mya also helps employers by handling time exhausting tasks such as phone screening and interview scheduling. Targeting millennials, the service is free for jobseekers, while companies pay a fee based on the number of applications they process each month.

We’re seeing a number of different ways AI is being used to assist employees, from cognitive advertising to beer brewing that evolves via feedback. What industries have yet to try AI-based, smarter, and faster solutions?




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