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AI social bots earn their keep via service provision

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Intelligent online beings that evolve to best fit the needs of online communities are currently being created by the Bazillion Beings team in Armenia.

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Created by Pegor Papazian, an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) computer science graduate, Armenian-based Bazillion Beings is home to a new species of bot – lifos. Intelligent bots that share their machine learning through their networks, lifos are far more than an app. Interacting with users via websites, on devices and through social media, lifos are expected to be extra helpful friends.

Lifos curate online content and combine apps to create new services and interfaces on the go. Constantly learning from and adapting to user preferences, the most successful service mashups will find a way to produce a revenue stream. For a bot to survive, it must earn enough money through commissions, ads and subscriptions to cover its server costs. Lifos also produce original content.

The first species of lifos is currently in incubation, and the team behind Bazillion Beings believes the bots’ potential is limitless. Already, a variety of industries are trying out artificial intelligence bots, with work ranging from airport hospitality to physiotherapy assistance. What are some unlikely pairings of services and apps that could be surprisingly effective?



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