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AI assistant | Photo source Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

AI system acts as intelligent assistant to retailers


AI provides the means for an assistant to supply intelligent advice to retailers.

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Spotted: Springwise often tracks how technology develops, and AI has adapted to suit various sectors. Smart technology has enabled the creation of staff-free medical clinics and a media company introduced the first AI news anchor. The diversity of its uses show how far the technology has come. Retail could now also benefit from AI, with the creation of this intelligent assistant for retailers.

Mystore-E provides useful intelligence data to retailers, particularly those with physical stores. Their latest development is Tore-E, their AI-based assistant. It can provide data to individual stores automatically and in real-time. This allows retailers to maximise the value of every product and increase profits. There are also means to help improve operational productivity and customer service. Tore-E collates data based on past sales and consumer behaviours. District managers can use the software to virtually “visit” the store whenever they please. This enables for better decision-making, as managers can have direct access and real-time interaction with stores no matter how far away they are.




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