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Airbnb of film locations


GETset is an online platform that allows those scouting film locations on a budget to source and rent them from the general public.

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If you’re making a film on a budget, finding the right location can be difficult. Existing location services are often expensive. Now, new startup GETset, encourages anyone and everyone to upload their office, home or studio onto the platform, offering a wider variety of locations at more reasonable prices.

GETset aims to be the Airbnb for film locations. Users can rent out their home, shop, treehouse or shed to music video directors, independent filmmakers, tv companies and even Hollywood, and earn money. Those renting out their space, set their own price, taking into account the size of the location, parking, and whether it’s rare or sought after. The idea was born when founder, Jonny Wright, was looking for a location for a short film he was making, but found what was on offer beyond budget and ‘too shiny and new’.

Sign up is free, and there are hundreds of locations already on the site. As sharing economy platforms explode, Springwise has seen numerous innovations designed to be the Airbnb of something, for billboards and for deliveries. Is there anything that is yet to have the sharing economy model applied to it?



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