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Interactive guides help Airbnb hosts leverage their neighborhood

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Pearlshare lets vacation rental hosts curate guides for the area around their property and set their listing apart from the competition.

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Locals always know an area best and we have seen numerous tourism startups offer live smartphone tours or platforms for trading travel tips, in order to harness the recommendations of residents. Now, Pearlshare utilizes that same resource and enables vacation rental hosts to create guides for the area surrounding their property, and set their listing apart from the competition.


Pearlshare is essentially a crowdsourced tour guide that collates recommendations from property hosts. To begin, contributors can view suggestions made by other users. They then add their own by selecting their favorite local spots — restaurants, parks and museums — and annotating them. Hosts can curate their selection into a personal area guide and insert it into their Airbnb profile, seamlessly providing their potential guests with a view of the neighborhood. They can also send the guides to guests in an welcome email. The platform is available via desktop or through a mobile app.

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