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Airline launches crowdfunding website for flight tickets

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A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by a British airline to help travel lovers get the gift they want this Christmas.

Everyone has someone in their life that is difficult to buy for every Christmas, as there are some people who simply have all the material items they could ever want. Instead of sending unwanted gifts, a new campaign by Virgin Atlantic is encouraging people to gift friends and family with the experience of a lifetime. The British airline has teamed up with Liberty London on its new website, which works like a crowdfunding platform.

Users set up a profile, detailing their dream holiday destination and how much money they would need to fulfil it. Once users have registered for the Where I Want for Christmas gift list page, they will be issued a gift card ID and PIN number, which they will need to reference when making a booking. The page can be shared with friends and family so that they are able to make contributions. Christmas shoppers can pay directly to the cause online, or alternately buy vouchers in store at Liberty London.

With traveller’s expectations raising constantly, companies are continuously trying to experiment with innovative solutions capable of personalizing the booking experience. Recent examples include an app that offers personalized flight deals for flexible travel dates, and a virtual reality experience for travel searching and booking. How could a crowdfunding initiative boost your business?




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