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Airplane trolleys, revamped & repurposed


German Bordbar sells original airplane trolleys. Not new ones, but trolleys that have travelled the skies in faithful service to hungry and thirsty travellers, and are now ready to be reintroduced as compact rolling cabinets in homes and offices. Dents and scratches aren’t removed—after all, they’re proof of authenticity—but the trolleys are cleaned up and revamped with one of Bordbar’s graphic designs, printed on laminated foil. Customers can pick a pattern or solid colour, or can have a trolley embellished with their own design or corporate colours. Further customization takes place when ordering: customers add shelves, plastic drawers and aluminium boxes, each of which can be slotted into the trolley’s 27 tracks, making for highly flexible storage units. A built-in pullout shelf, a standard feature, makes the trolleys suitable for use as a makeshift desk or—in line with their heritage—for serving drinks. The basic price for a Bordbar starts at EUR 899, and drawers and shelves are charged separately. Business opportunity for this one? There’s no end to articles that can be reused and repurposed. If done well, you’ll both fill your pockets and help keep landfills from overflowing. Find your niche product, create a good back story and offer customization for customers who want a product that’s even more unique.



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