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Scientist creates alcohol-alternative that still provides a buzz

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A London scientist may have found a way to provide the benefits of alcohol without the drawbacks

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Spotted: Neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt claims to have found a way to make one feel “tipsy” without having to drink alcohol. The Imperial College London scientist has developed a molecule, which he has dubbed Alcarelle, that can stimulate these necessary parts of the brain.

Nutt expects Alcarelle to be regulated as a food additive or ingredient, so it will need to meet food safety regulations, rather than undergo clinical trials. In order to get approval, they will need to create a “complete drink product” and are working with food scientists to use the Alcarelle as an additive in a new beverage.

At the end of 2018, Nutt and his partner, business advisor David Orren, raised seed funding from investors to try and bring Alcarelle to market. Nutt and his team hope to have a product ready for market in around five years.




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