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Analytics platform for amateur soccer teams

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StatsOne is a free app for amateur soccer teams, which gives them access to the same analytics technology as professionals.

Sports analytics is one of the fastest growing areas in its industry, especially following the publication and subsequent film adaptation of Moneyball — which documented a Major League Baseball team’s utilization of data in their formation and training. Now, StatsOne is a free app for amateur players and teams, which aims to give them access to the same analytics technology as the professionals.

StatsOne, created by Australian startup Smart Sports Solutions, enables soccer players, coaches and scouts to monitor and analyze performance. To begin, users film players during training or matches using the app. The technology collects the data live, processing up to 1000 data points per player per game. It recognizes successful and unsuccessful moves including passes, corners, tackles, shots, crosses and goals. At the end of each game it automatically produces a scorecard, which can be stored in the player’s profile.

The app gives players access to measurable stats, which not only helps them improve their game, but provides tangible evidence for scouts and coaches in terms of ability and improvements. What other professional data analysis technology can be used in the amateur sphere, too?



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