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Antivirus protection for connected cars


Karamba's software protects connected cars from hacks by detecting unrecognizable code in externally-accessible systems.

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We recently saw integrated car software systems that enable drivers to pay for parking without leaving their vehicle. As cars become increasingly connected, Karamba Security are delivering solutions to protect against cyber attacks.

Modern cars come fitted with many Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that operate a range of safety functions, such as braking and steering systems. Karamba’s software protects the components that are open to external control (via internet, wifi or Bluetooth), detecting ‘droppers’ — lines of code used by hackers to locate vulnerable areas to attack. Karamba acts as an early warning system that notifies operators of the presence and functionality of droppers, allowing developers to release updates in response to the threat. Existing models can be retrofitted with Karamba via a simple software update.


With researchers already demonstrating that hacks can be used to kill an engine during vehicle operation, protecting against external hacks will be a major challenge for manufacturers. What other IoT systems need anti-hacking software built in as standard?



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