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App allows car owners to message via number plates


Plext enables drivers to message each other using their licence plates.

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When a driver leaves their lights on, or a car alarm goes off endlessly, there is often little people can do to get in touch with the driver.

Looking to solve that, Plext enables smartphone users to message other drivers anonymously using their licence plates. To begin, users simply download the app and enter their license plate number. The licence plate acts as a substitute for a phone number, user name or ID, so messages can be sent through the app directly to the owner of a vehicle without needing to know the personal contact details of the driver.


However, the messaging service cannot ensure drivers get these messages if they do not have the Plext app themselves. There is currently no way for drivers to send notifications from Plext to WhatsApp or as a text message, meaning the startup has had to improvise; they currently offer cards that people can leave on car dashboards with their Plext ID on it, so drivers can then check the app for the message.

We have already seen an on-demand smartphone app helping drivers in Canada find others who can help to give their vehicle a boost if the battery dies. How else can driving be made more connected?



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