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App makes it easy for offices to run employee-driven social media

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CultureSphere is an app that lets every employee in a company contribute to social media content.

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Companies know the value of a strong social media presence, yet so often the image offered to the public is driven by a small part of the communications team, or for any one (or no one in particular) to attend to when they get a chance. A new app from CultureSphere is enabling companies to turn to all employees as the source of social media content.

CultureSphere lets employees share their photos and videos within a company account. The app works like an internal Facebook, with employees able to comment on each publication and vote on their favorite content. The company can then source content for their social media accounts using a curator subscription version of CultureSphere. Founder Danny Gordon believes this “employee-inspired media” will have huge potential in developing a true brand identity for companies. CultureSphere has advantages above content generating — it becomes a source of real insight to how a company functions, helping executives understand their employees better.

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