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App celebrates buskers and lets fans tip them via PayPal

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Buskeroo is an app that helps passersby learn more about their favorite street entertainers and enables them to make a tip via PayPal.

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Everyone has encountered a busker that put a smile on their face at one time or another, whether its the guy playing Hey Jude at 11.30pm on a Friday night or show-stopping drummers entertaining shoppers on a Saturday morning. British cities have a rich culture of street entertainers and now Buskeroo is an app that helps passersby learn more about the buskers who enhance the cities’ atmosphere on a daily basis, and enables them to make a tip via PayPal.


Of course, anyone can already tip buskers the traditional way — by throwing some coins in their hat — but often people don’t have adequate change, are in a hurry or feel too embarrassed to interact with the musician or artist while they are performing. Buskeroo enables patrons to search for their favorite street performers and send them a tip directly to their PayPal account. Users can also find out more information about them, discover when they are performing next and even stream any tracks that they have uploaded. Street performers are encouraged to download the app and create a profile in order to collect tips from fans. They can also choose to add contact information to enable users to book them for shows or parties.

Buskeroo is not for profit, it simply connects buskers with their audience and enables them to earn a bit more from their art. Could this work in other countries too?



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