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App connects diners who have dietary requirements with suitable restaurants

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The Turnyp app aims to help diners anywhere find local eateries that serve the food their diet allows.

Eating out can be a much more enjoyable experience than staying in – that is if you’re lucky enough not to have allergies or other diet requirements. We’ve already seen Lyon restaurant Mon Histoire dans l’assiette offer a completely allergen-free menu, and now Turnyp aims to help diners anywhere find local eateries that serve the food their diet allows. While most restaurants will at least provide a number of vegetarian options, the same can’t be said for vegan, gluten-free or paleo meals. Turnyp scours menus from a range of restaurants to determine what kinds of dishes are available. Users can then search for meals that cater to their diets – as well as other factors such as ‘high protein’, ‘low carb’, ‘organic’ or ‘not a salad dish’ – and discover places that serve what they want nearby. The app can be synced with Facebook, enabling dining organizers to keep track of their friends’ eating preferences. Restaurants benefit by gaining insights into the kind of meals locals are searching for and can work with Turnyp to deliver offers to those with particular tastes. The video below explains more about the app: Turnyp is aimed at consumers not usually catered for by the average restaurant, helping them to connect with the businesses targeting their demographic, however narrow. How else can niche companies find the customers that appreciate their offerings? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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