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App connects users with charities based on the news they read

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Ideal Impact mobilizes inspired readers, pointing them in the direction of social impact opportunities based on the news content they read.

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People naturally gravitate towards news stories that interest them, and at the end of a powerful story there is often a natural human response to engage and ask, ‘how can I help?’ Now, Ideal Impact is an app which captures that energy and mobilizes inspired readers, by pointing them in the direction of social impact opportunities based on the content they have just read.

Ideal Impact was founded by political advisor and speechwriter Olivier Kanada, and has recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign. To begin, users simply install the app onto their smartphone or browser and continue to get their news from their usual sources. The app then uses an algorithm to identify the social issues in any given news story, and connect users with related volunteer, donation or advocacy opportunities. Users can access these links by clicking a button, in the same way they would ‘share’ the article.

Ideal Impact is currently in Beta and welcoming users to test drive the app. How else could non-profits capitalize on the digital publicity of their causes?



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