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Robotic bar

App controlled robotic bar lets users craft their own recipes

Food & Drink

A fully automated app controlled robotic bar allows users to design their own drinks and watch the creative process.

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Retail industries are always looking for new ways to innovate their physical spaces to attract more customers. Springwise has tracked innovations in the drink industry for example, including colourless coffee that removes the risk of coffee stains and can be more easily added to cocktails. Another example is a high-tech cocktail glass that can alter the flavour of any beverage. There is an increasing demand for personalization within the food and beverage market. This Italian design therefore seeks to take advantage of that.

The Makr Shakr Company launched in 2014 to create products that offer robotic interaction – with a specific focus in the food and drink industry. Italian innovation and design firm Carlo Ratti Associati designed the futuristic Makr Shakr bar system. Makr Shakr users can design their own recipe for a non-alcoholic or alcoholic drink using the Makr Shakr app. Once the user chooses from a selection of spirits, juices, sodas and garnishes, robotic arms assemble the cocktail.

The latest model – Makr Shakr 3.0 – is their first mass market model of the bar system. It is more compact, thereby enabling users to integrate it into any existing space. Two, six-axis waterproof robotic arms mix the drinks, crafting with millilitre precision. It also mimics the movements of a bartender. To create these movements, Marco Pelle, Italian dancer and choreographer from New York Theatre Ballet modelled the gestures of a bartender.

Users can visualise real-time information about their drinks on two LCD screens. The screens display information on ingredients and actions using text, motion graphics and funny jokes. In addition to crafting recipes, users can name the recipes they create, rate and comment on other users’ recipes. If a user wishes to reorder a cocktail, they can do so easily by accessing a history of their creations. As well as encouraging users to get creative, the app involves users in the creative process of making the recipe by providing instant feedback on every step of production.



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