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Dudr turns smartphone photography into a 24-hour social game

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Dudr is a gamified social photo app that encourages groups of friends or guests to take 24 snaps over 24 hours, with the results collected in a shared photo stream.

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There are now so many photo-sharing apps that it’s hard to get too excited about yet another one hitting the market. However, a recent tendency for product developers to harken back to old processes in the digital age is producing interesting results. We recently wrote about PrintSnap, which uses barebones tech to mimic the functions of the classic Polaroid instant cameras, and now Dudr is a smartphone app which recalls the fun and spontaneity of the disposable camera.

Developed by a German startup, the app requires users — usually groups of friends or guests of an event — to each download the app to their smartphones. Each ‘dude’ — which is what Dudr is calling its users — then presses the camera icon at the same time, activating Dudr’s patented location-based trigger system. The app uses GPS to register ‘dudes’ nearby, adding everyone’s photos to a shared stream. Each member of the group then embarks on a mission to take 24 photos in 24 hours. When the time is up, members can view the collected shots, creating a communal, semi-private bank of memories.


CEO Bernd Schmekel says he was inspired by the limitations of disposable cameras — which often use 24-shot rolls and can take 24 hours to develop — to bring more excitement and anticipation to digital photography. The gamification aspects could make the app appealing to organizers of parties or immersive theatre, as well as weddings, since it encourages social participation — guests won’t just be snapping away constantly but will be searching out inspiring shots. Are there other ways to turn smartphone photography into more of a group activity?



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