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App delivers morning newsletters to smart devices


US-based platform allows users to simply subscribe to a range of newsletters, providing deeper editorial content directly from publishers instead of newsfeed clickbait

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Spotted: News can be a dividing force. Social media newsfeeds have been described as echo chambers, with users sharing headlines that cause an emotional response in their followers. We’ve seen attempts to offer more balanced content, like this app that suggests a range of news outlets for users. There’s also a ‘twitch’ style debate platform that streams real-time cross-talk between users. Now, Stoop wants to deliver deeper content straight to users’ smart devices.

The Stoop app acts like a podcast app. There’s a library element, which users can browse through and search for newsletters produced by specific sites. Alternatively, when users come across a site they’d like to subscribe to, they can sign up using a Stoop email address. The newsletter is then sent straight into their app. Additionally, Stoop is planning on collaborating with publishers to provide an instant Stoop subscription button on the publisher’s website.

This is all driven by Stoop’s belief that newsletters provide deeper editorial-style content that can link users to what they see on newsfeeds. Additionally, with Stoop, users open up the app like they would a morning paper, to read deeper news content with a direct line of contact with publishers.

The Stoop app, by OpenBundle, is free on both iOS and Android, and a premium offer is being developed. Publishers can contact Stoop to add their newsletter to the app.




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