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App directs users to restaurants that use 'humane meat'


The Humane Eating Project is an app that helps those concerned by animal cruelty to make conscientious choices while eating out.

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In the past we’ve seen Turnyp connect customers with restaurants that match their allergy needs, and now the The Humane Eating Project is another app that’s looking to help those concerned by animal cruelty to make conscientious choices while eating out.

With consumer diets now as varied as ever due to increasingly diverse lifestyle choices and growing awareness of intolerances, it’s no wonder that apps are helping diners to find the venues that cater specifically for their needs. Created by America for Animals and currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, The Humane Eating Project app will help meat-eaters who care about the treatment of the animals they consume — as well as vegetarians and vegans — to check the restaurants they support with their custom don’t abuse the creatures. Users can then gain peace of mind that the burger they’re enjoying came from ethical farming methods.

Although its typically easy to pick the vegetarian and vegan options from restaurant menus, it’s often more difficult to know if the animals in meat dishes have been raised humanely. The Humane Eating Project enables omnivores to join non-meat-eaters in standing up for animal rights with their eating decisions. Are there other new diets that could be catered for through apps such as this?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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