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App enables users to deliver items through traveling friends

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Friendshippr is an app that keeps track of contacts' travel plans to allow users to 'crowdship' goods through them.

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Social networks are useful for helping users stay up-to-date with what their friends are doing, however they can also be harnessed for greater purposes. Friendshippr is an app that keeps track of contacts’ travel plans to allow users to ‘crowdship’ goods through them.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app first enables users to enter the item they want to ship — or alternatively use the app’s barcode scanning capabilities to find it. They then select the pick up and drop off points for the delivery as well as choose a suitable reward, such as dinner on them. After posting their entry, any Facebook friends using Friendshippr can see the request and respond to it, claiming their reward if they can take the parcel. The video below explains a bit more about the service:

Much like — which lets users enlist traveling locals to bring back goods from abroad — Friendshippr uses existing travel plans to act as delivery routes, cutting the carbon emissions involved in sending items separately. Are there more ways to take advantage of people’s existing activity for other uses?

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise



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