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Through app, new fashions are modelled by customers


Recognizing that clothes fit people in different ways, China's Vancl Star app enables users to view items worn by their fellow customers.

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Online shopping nowadays offers consumers with multiple views and videos of fashion goods to give them a better idea of its fit, however, many sites still only use one model for each item. Recognizing that clothes fit people in different ways – especially when they don’t have model physiques – the new Vancl Star app enables users to view items worn by their fellow customers.

The app features many aspects typically found on fashion retail apps, enabling users to browse items and make a purchase. However, alongside each listing is the option to view pictures that previous customers have uploaded of themselves wearing the item. Users can choose to browse only those photos featuring fellow shoppers in order to see which items are popular and acting as new way to drive interest to those products. Through the app, fashion fans can also upload their own photos and attach them to a listing, becoming a model themselves. Although the program has been running on Vancl’s website for a while, it has only recently made the free app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Much like Russia’s Suit Up – the site that lets consumers virtually mix and match different fashions – Vancl provides a way for customers to get more information about a product before they pay for it. Are there other ways to better translate the qualities of physical items through the web?

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise



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