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App feature shields users’ identity

An encrypted messaging platform has released a new feature that hides a user’s identity from the app.

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Signal is a messaging app that offers users end-to-end encryption, protecting the privacy of its users. The latest feature that the company is testing is ‘Sealed Sender’, which aims to offer users further security by encrypting the information about which users on the platform are messaging each other.

For a messaging app to work, the app company needs to know which account to deliver a user’s messages to. This is also important for verifying users. Signal’s new feature encrypts user identity and stops Signal from accessing data regarding the sender and recipient of a message. The new feature means that Signal will no longer be able to verify users. Therefore the company is trialling a workaround that will let a user verify who has sent them messages.

In addition, Sealed Sender messages will only be available between users that have confirmed they trust each other, unless a user opts-in to receiving sealed sender messages from anyone. Furthermore, the new feature will protect users if Signal is ever compromised because an attacker will only be able to see encrypted messages.

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