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App forces users to give to charity for playing cheesy tracks on Spotify

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Guilty Pledgers charges partygoers for adding an embarrassing track to a Spotify playlist, sending the cash to charity.

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Handing over money to charity is enough for some to feel good about themselves, but nonprofits and social good organizations often find it difficult to elicit donations without offering something in return. We’ve already seen gaming site GoodGames let users raise money simply by playing ad-supported titles, and now the UK’s Guilty Pledgers is hoping to do something similar for music — charging partygoers for adding an embarrassing track to a Spotify playlist, and then sending the cash to charity.

Those who would like to raise money can use the app — part of Spotify’s native App Finder platform — to start a group playlist with the intention of holding a charity party. Users first sign in using Facebook, and then enter the details of their event, the organization they’d like to support, the friends they want to invite. The event is automatically posted to Facebook, along with a link to the Spotify app, where invitees can search for songs they’d like to hear at the party. When a song is chosen, they’re prompted to pledge an amount they’re willing to pay to hear it. By giving money, attendees are tacitly given the permission to choose even the most embarrassing songs and guilty pleasures. The morning after the party, an email is sent to each guest to encourage them to complete their donation via JustGiving, the UK fundraising platform.

Guilty Pledgers makes charitable giving more enjoyable, by enabling them to offset their dodgy musical picks with a small donation. Are there other ways to more closely link donations with fun activities?



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