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App helps anyone get dressed with outfit recommendations from their own wardrobe

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Style Puzzle wants to make wardrobe management easier, as well as recommending outfits when users can't decide what to wear.

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Nowadays, wardrobes can be so vast that it’s hard to keep track of every item — as evidenced by the You’ll Never Wear That Again Facebook app, which drags up old photos to show them clothes that could be given to charity. Now Style Puzzle wants to make wardrobe management easier, as well as recommending outfits when users can’t decide what to wear.

The app first requires users to create an inventory of the items in their wardrobe, either by snapping a picture or looking the product up online. They can then group those items into typical outfits they might wear, detailing whether they’re casual or formal attire, and what day of the week they might wear it. When users are stuck for something to wear, they can use the app to discover the clothes they’ve forgotten about. After selecting the type of outfit they’re looking for, the app then pulls together items into suggested outfits based on their previous preferences. Additionally, the app takes into account the weather and the events in users’ calendars to further tailor its recommendations.

Currently in private beta, StylePuzzle has earned the University of Illinois team a place in the final eight of the Student Startup Madness competition. Could an app such as this could go even further, perhaps using real-time local fashion trends to determine what users should wear?



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