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App learns users' fitness abilities and creates their perfect workout

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FitStar's new iPhone app offers truly personalized fitness training by learning its users' abilities and developing new workouts each time.

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Keeping fit can be tough without someone to offer encouragement and motivation, as well as the expertise to know what regimes work best for each individual. In the past, we’ve seen the Peloton exercise bike offer remote video access to taught classes by subscription, and now FitStar aims to offer truly personalized fitness training through its new iPhone app, which learns its users’ abilities and develops new workouts each time.

Although Fitstar has been available in iPad form for the past year or so, the team have recently redesigned the app especially for iOS7 as well as the iPhone, meaning users can now keep their personal trainer in their pocket. The Fitstar app features a large library of short clips hosted by former NFL player Tony Gonzalez that guide users through each fitness technique. Users can scroll through a number of preset sessions to get started, but rather than continuing with the same workout every time, the app ‘learns’ which routines are best for them. Users can manually tell the app how long they managed to keep up and whether it was ‘too easy’, ‘just right’ or ‘brutal’, or combine the app with a fitness tracker to more objectively determine their stats. The app then takes this data into account, creating custom workouts tailored for each individual’s abilities. The video below offers more information about FitStar:

As well as helping those wanting to stay fit to do so in a way tailored to them, FitStar could also ensure that they don’t overdo exercise and injure themselves. Given the large, burgeoning market for professional video tutorials on almost any subject, are there other ways to offer this type of customization by harnessing consumers’ smart devices?



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