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App lets locals request businesses needed nearby


NeedIn is a community-based platform that encourages people to post 'Needs' — businesses needed in a certain location.

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When a person finds themselves having to drive to the next town for the nearest pharmacy, they tend to just suck it up — or perhaps have a little grumble to their friends about it — meaning no progress is made. But a new app called NeedIn could change this by enabling users to request businesses that are lacking in their local area.

NeedIn is a community-based platform that encourages people to post ‘Needs’. These are effectively pins, dropped in specific locations onto a map, detailing what business is needed and even the desired company. Users can then publish their ‘Needs’ via social media and gain support from others who agree. Then, NeedIn share the information with relevant businesses and try to get the requests fulfilled.


Are there other tools to help companies find out where their business is needed?



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