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App lets passengers buy frequent flyers’ extra miles

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Par is a new peer-to-peer app connecting frequent flyers with travelers wanting a bargain ticket, allowing users to agree a fee for the air miles.

With nearly 40 million frequent flyer miles expiring every year, the Par app has found a way to put them to use. Linking interested travelers with frequent flyers who have miles available, Par is a mobile, peer-to-peer marketplace for travel bargains.

The process begins with a potential passenger submitting a request for miles. Each request must be for a specific destination and date, and miles can be used for one way and round trip domestic and international flights originating in the United States.

Queries are sent to all registered users whose miles can fulfill the request, and then the buyer works out an agreeable price with one of the sellers. The flight is then booked by the seller, which the Par team confirms via email to the buyer. Par charges each party a 7.5 percent commission on each transaction, and the buyer must also pay airport fees. Currently available in beta for iOS, development plans for the app include adding multi-city flight options and seat upgrades, as well as availability on other platforms.

With more and more flights being booked each year, airlines and innovators are working hard to find new ways to make the entire process more enjoyable. A new regulation carry-on bag includes a pop-out stroller, making check-in easier for parents. And one airline has added an augmented reality option to its in-flight amenity kits. What remains to be connected within the planning, booking and flying experiences?



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