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App lets shoppers scan, pay and leave without queuing

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Mishipay is a new app that brings the speed of the digital shopping basket to the bricks and mortar store.

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Queuing is often the worst part of shopping, especially for those only looking to buy a couple of items. We have already seen smart shopping bags and QR codes enable shoppers to scan-and-go, and now MishiPay is another system looking to help customers bypass queues.

MishiPay combines the ease and instant gratification of physical storefronts with the speed of the digital shopping basket. To begin, shoppers download the app and connect it with their email or Facebook account. Then, while shopping, they can scan the barcode of the product to find out more details, such as price and size, or images of the product in use. If they decide to purchase the item, they pay for it using their debit card or Apple pay, and simply exit the store without needing to visit a checkout.

MishiPay completed a successful trial at innovative retail store The Dandy Lab in London and is currently participating in Virgin Media’s Voom 2016 competition. How else could physical stores mimic the convenience of online shopping?



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