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App lets users in 2G zones make free voice calls


nanu is an Android app designed to deliver clear voice calls when only 2G data is available.

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Mobile phones are great things, but if there’s no cell or data reception they become pretty useless. We’ve already seen Kan Khajura Tesan enable those in media blackspots to gain access to entertainment through their cell phone, and now nanu is an Android app designed to deliver clear voice calls when only 2G data is available.

Popular apps such as Skype, FaceTime and Viber already provide the capability to make voice and video calls over the internet, rather than using up call plans. The problem is that in some countries, the 3G and 4G bandwidth required for these apps to work isn’t common, and slower 2G connections are prevalent. nanu is optimized for low quality data streams, meaning voices sound clear despite less data being transmitted. Users can call others who have installed nanu on their device for free, and calls to those who don’t have the app are restricted to 15 minutes. The app can also connect to landlines in up to 41 countries. The reason the calls are free is that the app is supported by ads, and audio commercials play while users are waiting to be connected.

Watch the video below to find out more about the service:

nanu helps those without access to 3G to save money on their call plans, as the company predicts data usage charges work out cheaper than paid calls. The app is currently only available for Android, but an iOS device is on its way. Are there other ways to develop apps for those with limited data connections who otherwise can’t enjoy or afford them?



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