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App links coffee lovers with on-demand baristas

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Coffee Shots is an app, which connects coffee lovers with nearby home-baristas, so that they can enjoy a coffee together.

The growth of third wave coffee shops has brought with it an increased interest in high quality home brews. Equipment such as this micro roaster enables anyone to make a perfect coffee in their own home. Now, Coffee Shots is an app that connects thirsty locals with nearby home-baristas, so that they can enjoy a coffee together.

To begin, home-base coffee enthusiasts open the app and browse nearby home baristas (or “Coffee Shooters”). They can zoom in on the profiles to read about the barista’s skills and specialities, reviews from other users and how much they pay towards to the coffee farmer. Then, if the barista is available, they can book an appointment to join them for a coffee. The barista can also view the profile of the guest before accepting. Once both sides accept, the user can visit the barista’s home, enjoy their coffee and pay through the app. Users can also, like other P2P apps, review each other after the experience. Coffee Shots will be launching in The Netherlands in April.

Coffee Shots is reminiscent of EatWith — another home hospitality platform. What other services could be offered on an a peer-to-peer basis?



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