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App makes school supply shopping quick and easy

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The updated Staples Easy System app lets parents order back-to-school supplies by sending a photo of their child’s list of requirements to the store.

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In the United States, each new school year announces itself via a printed list of required stationary, math and other supplies. Parents used to harried dashes for every item on the list may have made their last such trip. The latest version of the Staples Easy System app includes the option to Shop With A Snap. A smart, secure, online ordering system, the app uses a combination of artificial intelligence and in-store personal assistance.

With the Shop With A Snap feature, parents send a photo of their child’s list of required school supplies. An online cart is filled for them, and the app’s chat feature allows for easy changes to the order. Customers then choose a delivery or pick-up option. Currently available for iOS users, the Staples’ innovation team is looking at broadening the use of the Shop With A Snap feature to other customer groups.

Online shopping combined with delivery has created huge numbers of personalized services. In Mexico, personal grocery shoppers deliver orders in 90 minutes. And this peer-to-peer delivery service links travelers with orders, anywhere in the world. Which industries, or aspects of the retail experience, are still awaiting a service makeover?



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