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App matches people wanting to escape bad dates

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The bod (Bad Online Date) app provides a real-time back-up plan for dates gone awry, geo-locating other potential matches who are close by.

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Going out on a date is a time-consuming set up, so the Bad Online Date (bod) app helps make sure all that effort isn’t wasted. Users wanting to escape a bad date can enable Date Mode to see who is nearby and in a similar situation. Send a quick message to an interested match, and daters get a second chance for a great date.

bod can also be used as a traditional dating service, providing potential matches with tips for icebreakers and getting conversations started. The only thing the app doesn’t do is break the bad news that the date is over. This is where an IRL version of this AI texting bot that ends unwanted conversations could come in handy.

What other awkward social situations could use real-time Plan Bs?



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