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Through app, parents share the best child-friendly venues

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KiddyUp enables parents to share their favorite diaper-changing rooms, playgrounds and kids' food locations so others can easily find them.

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Parenting is a long-haul job, and one that changes from year to year as kids grow up and demand different things. We’ve already seen the BleepBleeps set of smart sensors help parents from pregnancy to teenage, and now a new app called KiddyUp enables parents to share their favorite venues for children of all ages, including diaper-changing rooms, playgrounds and kids’ food locations.

Those downloading the free app from the App Store can first begin by locating the places they find useful for when they need to change a diaper, let their kids play, feed the family or buy children’s goods. Their suggestions — known as ‘Totspots’ — are then added to the map along with everyone else’s, creating a crowdsourced guide to help any parent quickly find a suitable place near them. The more Totspots users add to the map, the more points they earn, which can be turned into cash to spend at kids’ stores and online.

The app is joined with an online community where parents can chat about Totspots, alert others to new deals and offers, and crowdsource help from others. Are there other ways to make parenting info easier to access for those with kids?



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