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App creates individually curated experience for any museum

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Muzeums is a mobile app that offers curated museum guides for each visitor, based on their profile, interests and learning style.

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Museums can be overwhelming: the sheer volume of artifacts and artworks mean that unseasoned visitors only ever see a small portion of displays. Audio guides can provide suggestions, but since every visitor’s interests are different, people often miss entire areas that they would enjoy. Now, Muzeums is a mobile app that offers curated guides for each person based on their profile, and enables them to choose different modes of experience — including tour guides and interactive social games — to suit their learning style.

We have already seen Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam offer tours based on the visitor’s mood and Cleveland Museum of Modern Art enable patrons to follow visitor-created tours. Muzeums takes the personalization of experience to the next level, enabling any museum, gallery or heritage site to offer the feature to their visitors.


To begin, institutions sign up to the system and choose between free, premium or branded services. The free option enables the establishment to provide one curated, digital experience via a channel on the Muzeums app. The premium option — which costs EUR 190 per month — enables the museum to offer 10 curated experiences, which will automatically be suggested to visitors based on their profiles. Finally, the Branded service lets institutions have their own unique branded app and unlimited curated experiences. The system combines big data from sources such as Europeana and user-generated info (gathered by visitors answering questions on the app) and creates tailor-made experience that users can access via their smartphone before, during and after their visit. Museum managers can also access analytics and insights created by the app.

Could other real-world experiences — such as entire cities or theme parks — be customized in this way?



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