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VR gaming

App streams PC VR games to mobile headset


Development company created the VRidge software and app to stream virtual reality games from a computer to a smartphone.

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Helping to make virtual reality affordable for everyone, RiftCat developers created the VRidge software system to send computer VR games to a mobile headset via wifi. Most virtual reality games require high-end, expensive headsets. Inexpensive headsets, such as Google Cardboard, give a taste of the best of VR but usually cannot access the most popular and best-developed games. Now, with the VRidge app, players can try out Oculus Rift or HTC Vive games for an-depth look at an immersive gaming experience — without having to commit to the financial investment of a high-quality headset requires.

The technology is still being developed, and there are substantial differences between PC and mobile VR gaming. The quality of the graphics in a Cardboard headset can vary greatly from that of the original game, something that is partially affected by the strength of the wifi connection. RiftCat invites users to get involved in the on-going improvement of the software, and VRidge can be tried for free for timed sessions on each game. Full access to the software costs USD 15.

Virtual reality is a rapidly expanding medium, with experiences ranging from teaching children financial management to use as a pain relief app. How could VR use in education be expanded even further?



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