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App tracks credit card spending to maximize rewards

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Birch Finance’s free app analyzes credit card spending and recommends which card or cards to use where to maximize the available rewards.

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Realizing how complicated credit card rewards systems are, the founders of Birch Finance created a way to help shoppers become more efficient. The Birch app uses bank grade security to review shoppers’ transactions, linking different bank accounts to give a full overview of what is spent and where. No personal data is saved by the service.

The app checks rewards systems against each other, alerting consumers to opportunities to earn more points. The service also provides a calendar view of recurring payments and can make credit card recommendations based on a consumer’s spending habits. Future plans include making it possible for users to redeem points, including free air miles, without having to leave the app.

Technology is helping to make financial management easier, and more understandable, in a number of ways. In Singapore, ATMs provide live video chat with bank tellers, and a chatbot is helping consumers pay bills from one app. How else could loyalty programs be made more accessible through technology?



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