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App turns your smartphone into an analog camera

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Bring back the nostalgia of analog photography with a camera app that takes 24 shots every 12 hours and needs three days to ‘process’.

Tired of the fast pace, instant gratification lifestyle? Yearning for a return to a simpler time, a time when you had to wait days after taking a photo to see what was going to look like? Korean start-up Screw Bar has an answer for you – an app designed to rekindle the lost ‘thrill’ of choosing and cherishing photographic moments. The app, Gudak Cam, attempts to reproduce the age of analog cameras in the digital world, by eliminating the option of instantly reviewing your photos, offering no filter options and reducing the size of the viewfinder. The result is similar to that achieved by disposable Kodak cameras. The app allows you to take only 24 shots at a time, with a 12 hour wait before you can load a new ‘roll’. The app also takes three days to ‘process’ the shots – another reminder of the days when all film had to be dropped off for developing and picked up again days later.

The Gudak app comes from the Korean word Gudagdali, meaning ‘outdated’. According to the team at Screw Bar, “Nowadays photos have merely become a list of ‘pixels and data’ to choose from, and in the course of few days pictures and memories diminish. We hope that each and every shot of photo taken with Gudak will bring back forgotten moments and become a memory that will be yours once and for all.” The app is only on available on the iPhone for now. Users can download Gudak from the Apple App Store for USD 0.99.

Nostalgia for a lost analog world is not new. We have already seen a stripped down tape player that allows users to listen to those old cassettes gathering dust in forgotten drawers, and a service that will turn MP3s into vinyl, perhaps for playing on a smart turntable. What will be the next analog process or device to make a return?




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