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Japanese apples analyze bite marks for free dental care

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Dentapple apples come with QR code stickers, which enable users to upload bite marks via an app and receive dental advice.

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We’ve seen how teeth-embedded sensors can help dentists gather data on their patient’s eating and cleaning habits, and now Japan-based farming collective Matsumoto Apple Association have developed a less drastic way of receiving dental advice — all patients have to do is eat an apple.


The Dentapple has a QR code sticker that links to an associated app. Users take four bites of the apple, take pictures of the bite marks, upload them to the app, then answer a short questionnaire about their gums. Within 24 hours users will receive free dental health care advice. Available for JPY 200, or USD 1.60, the Dentapple could provide a cost-effective hygienist consultation.

While a Dentapple a day may help users keep gum disease at bay, users are advised to also have their gums physically checked out by their dentist. What other everyday consumer items can be used to provide free health care?



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